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PHP scripts are slow to run

I have a relatively simple PHP script with a single Composer dependency as a part of a bigger flow that runs often, and its runtime dominates the entire flow, taking >0.6s to complete. It appears that Windmill installs the dependency every time it runs, which would be my guess why it takes so long. Is there a way to make Windmill cache it?...

User-Defined Dropdown Menus: Propagating Options Across All Rows

Hello! I'd like to implement user-created dropdown menus (select items) in a specific row, and then have those same dropdown options available in all other rows of the same column. I've thought about saving the output of the select component (last created item) in a list and using that list as an input of the select items but I can't find a way to store the list in the app state. Thanks!...

Use forms created from app builder

Hello, how do i use forms or any ui created from app builder outside of windmill. i want to use forms created in my current react project, running on a diffrent server,domain

Aggregate functions unsupported type MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL

Hello, when I try to use aggregate functions in my sql queries, Windmill returns the query result as "unsupported type MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL". So a simple example would be a query like "SELECT SUM(Revenue) FROM Orders;". So far I have been using a work around and casting: "SELECT CAST(SUM(Revenue) AS UNSIGNED) FROM Orders;", however this does not seem to work for more complex queries, for example when trying to calculate with two SUM values. Any advice on this? Thanks

how do I use the result of the last step of a for loop in the next iteration?

I have read and re-read the docs, asked AI, etc. It seems like it should be so obvious, but I can't pass a value from the last step in a for loop's iteration to the first step in the next iteration. I was using flow state, but that doesn't work in a dedicated worker. What am I missing?...

with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor() as executor

Is it possible to have a script launch subprocesses (API calls) from the thread pool?

On Success Wizard Fails to Close Modals

After a flow is sucessfully completed, I cannot get my modal to close using the "On Success Wizard"

Dedicated workers and flow user state

I have a flow on a dedicated worker. However, I cannot get wmill.get_flow_user_state (both get and set) to work. get always returns None. It works fine on a regular worker.

Has anyone had success with Azure calling Windmill Webhooks?

I have tried various methods, including powerautomate, but nothing I try works. The webhook works fine from CuRL, etc.
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Running windmill instance offline

I am trying to run a windmill instance completely offline; using the Dockerfile provided on the main repo, the build completed without errors but some features like S3Object stopped working.
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Is it possible to hide flow related items from the approval page?

Iam dealing with alot of ... "easy-minded" folks that might get overwhelmed by all the extra infos on the approval page? Is it possible to customize the apearance to give as little as technical info as possible?

Windmill and RabbitMQ

Has anyone here ever connected a Windmill to RabbitMQ? I'm looking for some experience and guidance

Webhook to another windmill instance

I can't reference another windmill instance as a workspace webhook URL? I've tried sending events to temporal api and I am receiving all events as expected, unless I point to another windmill instance it stop sending events. Is this an expected behavior?...
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CLI thinks it needs to rename on remote

I have been building a set of deno scripts. Until today I've been using the windmill web editor. Daily I've been using wmill sync pull to get the code out of my workspace, into a local folder and pushing to my git repo. Today I wanted to get more productive by learning how to use the VScode plugin. Got that setup, been working with it all day, its great. Just tried to do a wmill sync push and now the cli thinks it needs to rename all the scripts on the server? Note, the problem appears to be...
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Python is not able to load modules from CFFI and other native bindings.

Hi there, after we updated Windmill on July 4th, Windmill is not able to import modules from “argon2-cffi” and “pydantic-core”. Both are using CFFI or other native CPython. Our Windmill Version is EE v1.360.1 The python package updated in the lock file. Can someone please assist us troubleshooting this. ExecutionErr: ExitCode: 1, last log lines: che/pip/minio==7.2.7/minio/", line 23, in <module>...

Handling foreign keys in database studio tables

Database studio tables are AWESOME. Unbelievably good and killer feature. But here's the thing. I am a software engineer with strong database expertise leveraging windmill to quickly input data for my side hustle. I really want to have a dropdown or some other convenient way to constrain values in my foreign key columns when inputting a new row. Wondering if they're is a standardized way to do this in windmill?...

duplicate key value violates unique constraint "deployment_metadata_script"

I've been troubleshooting a problem where it takes a long time to schedule jobs and I'm not sure if this is related or not but I'm seeing a bunch of these error messages in my postgres database:

Configuring Custom AI Models: Beyond GPT-4 for Code Assistance

Is it possible to configure another provider and model to be the AI Code Copilot? For example: I would like to configure my API Key and experiment with other models that may be cheaper and still efficient. GPT-4 is too expensive, and I would like to have options instead of it being GPT-4 or nothing....

Error during isolated evaluation of expression

Hello! I am trying to run a workflow from another workflow. My parent workflow triggers a bunch of instances (runs) of the same workflow, but I keep on getting the following error: ```{...

Form checkboxes

How do I add checkboxes to forms? I am creating a form where users choose an option from a select menu and then based on the selection, show a list of items that the user can check. Getting the field to show based on the select option was simple, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a list of values as checkboxes.